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Catégorie livresBook set: DISCOGRAPHIES des Artistes de la Chanson Française


This book set is updated and completed regularly. The 2015 edition will be soon available:

  • 2015 edition in 6 volumes (2500 pages at A4 format - available with a delay of 2 weeks)
  • DVD-ROM version (6 PDF files Acrobat Reader for reading on screen)
    (Note: the label is personalized with the name and address of the customer. DVD-ROM compatible Mac and PC ; Acrobat Reader required)
    Contact ART & CHANSONS association for orders by postal mail
    or use FRIENDSHIP-FIRST site (exclusive selling on Internet - secure payment)
  • 2015 edition in 6 volumes + DVD-ROM Discographies (available with a delay 2 weeks)

The discographies of the book set are presented as in the example of the site. They are printed in B&W. - see the Orders page for all the prices and the Publications page for examples.

The DVD-ROM description and its benefits is detailed in the News page.

Catégorie livresADDENDA:

published with each reissue since 1998 - limited edition!
(4 addenda covering the additional data between 1998 and 2006)

Ordering on request only. Contact the association.
For financial reasons, the reissues have "soft and transparent" bookbinding (individual publishing)

  • Addendum 2006-2015 (Vol. 1 - Add-ons) : 330 pages - 20 € + postage
  • Addendum 2006-2015 (Vol. 2 - News) : 355 pages - 20 € + postage
  • Addendum 2004-2006 : 210 pages (in stock : 0)
  • Addendum 2003-2004 : 202 pages (in stock : 0)
  • Addendum 2001-2003 : 368 pages - 25 € (in stock : 1)
  • Addendum 1998-2001 : 264 pages (in stock : 0)

The old addenda are divided in 4 parts:

  1. Clarifications: corrections or complementary information on discs mentioned yet.
  2. Addenda: new and missing disks in already published discographies.
  3. New discographies: discographies not yet published. It is the main part of an addendum.
  4. Not validated discographies: significant discographies but not considered as complete. They'll be published again if completed.

See Orders to see the prices.

Catégorie livresDETAILED DISCOGRAPHIES "customized":

They are printed individually on demand in paper or PDF version.

See here the description document for downloads (in French).

The detailed discographies are indicating the lyricists / composers and the duration for each track, and also the covers of original disc and its main reissues. See example on the right.

See Orders for the prices.