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Available: New 2024 digital edition (PDF) See News

Catégorie livresBook set: DISCOGRAPHIES des Artistes de la Chanson Française


This book set is updated and completed regularly. The 2024 edition will be available on 2023/12/04:

  • 2024 digital edition in 14 volumes (6700 pages in PDF format)

The discographies of the book set are presented as in the example of the site. They are printed in B&W. - see the Orders page for all the prices and the Publications page for examples.

Catégorie livresADDENDA:

They were published with each reissue between 1998 and 2015
For reasons of obsolescence, they are no longer available.

  • Addendum 2006-2015 (Vol. 1 - Add-ons) : 330 pages
  • Addendum 2006-2015 (Vol. 2 - News) : 355 pages
  • Addendum 2004-2006 : 210 pages
  • Addendum 2003-2004 : 202 pages
  • Addendum 2001-2003 : 368 pages
  • Addendum 1998-2001 : 264 pages

Catégorie livresDETAILED DISCOGRAPHIES "customized":

They are printed individually on demand in paper or PDF version.

See here the description document for downloads (in French).

The detailed discographies are indicating the lyricists / composers and the duration for each track, and also the covers of original disc and its main reissues. See example on the right.

See Orders for the prices.