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Catégorie livresBook set: DISCOGRAPHIES des Artistes de la Chanson Française

The double purpose of this site is to promote the French-speaking songs (Chansons) both in France and around the world, and to make our works known, which consist in creating individual discographies and including them in book publications. It is updated regularly. Consult the list of the artists covered by our publication to be aware of its content and the progress of our works... The next edition should be available during the first term of 2015.

French-speaking songs are amazingly various and different, much more than what the media let us know. Since some 25 years we have been setting up a book set containing more than 1,600 original discographies of artists spreading mostly over the second half of the 20th century.

When creating these discographies, we wanted to attract curiosity from the readers by indicating the lyricists, the composers and featurings, in order to make cross-checks and to be encouraged in discovering either an artist with the same lyricists/composers... rather than a well-known one, or one who is featured in one of his records.

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