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Available: New 2022 digital edition (PDF) See News

Catégorie infoNew 2022 edition of DISCOGRAPHIES:

The Discographies 2022 are now available.

The main new features of this edition:

  • More than 3900 new discographies , covering principally the period between 1970 and 1990. That represent more than 660 additional pages.
  • Digital format (PDF) is still proposed in priority and the price is now calculated according to this format. Sending is done via a link to download it.
  • A paper printing or a DVD-R burning is possible on demand, but with a supplement to support printing or burning costs and mailing. We no longer favor the paper version given the exorbitant price.
  • Discographies "on demand" are still proposed, but digital and download way in priority.
  • Improvement of quality of data, particularly:
    • Check again the data resulting in numerous fixes.
    • Covers have been added or replaced.
    • Minor modifications of the presentation, by adding new symbols

Catégorie infoIs the 2022 edition available at which price?

The discographies are published regularly, revisited and actualized... This work is very extensive et and took several years.

Today, you can order it in the Orders page.

According to the multiplication of information in Internet, we have noticed on repeated occasions that details should be rectified, completed, etc. So, for a greater quality of the content, we have decided to review regularly all existing discographies, while continuing to create new ones and adding new discs.

Price of the 2022 edition: see on the Orders page.

Catégorie infoWhat is available today?

Detailed discographies "customized" are still available...

We offer for sale the detailed discographies per artist and on demand. See Orders page.

Book set of Discographies

The 2022 edition is available soon.