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Next 2015 edition in 6 volumes... See News

Catégorie infoNew 2015 edition of DISCOGRAPHIES:

The new edition will content all discographies already published with new verification (to increase the precision and the reliability), sometimes completed by missing information and of course, by new ones since 2006. An important part of record covers have been verified again and replaced if needed, and reissue covers have been added, if different.
At last, the glossary and the description pages will be totally rewritten, with more details, in order to answer to the requirements from the fussiest ones>

Many new discographies of artists, past and present, have been added.

Just to give you an indication of the size of the future book set, here are some figures measured as of 11th of March, 2015:

  • More than 40,000 discs included, with 31,000 detailed ones,
    on a total of around 2,463 pages, up to this day
  • 6 volumes with 382 / 417 / 436 / 467 / 463 / 298 pages.
  • Present division of the 6 volumes (provisional):
    0-9 + A-B / C-D / E-K / L-N / O-S / T-Z + various artists

2 addenda are planned for those who still use the 2006 edition, and don't want to buy the complete book set again:

  • 1st addendum: updates for already published discographies
    (329 pages, up to this day)
  • 2nd addendum : new discographies (340 pages, up to this day)

The DVD-ROM version will contain the whole 6 volumes above in PDF version (Acrobat Reader). For size reasons, we plan to keep the division in 6 files.

In DVDROM edition only: an additional file with more than 9,000 discs up to this day (463 pages), entered as it comes and sorted by artists and issue years, will be added as a bonus file. It will not contain 100% complete discographies and will not be exhaustive for the artists which are missing in the paper edition.

The DVD-ROM version offers the following benefits:

  • Possibility of search in the text or zoom (Acrobat Reader functions)
  • Content and format are same than the book set version, but with coloured covers
  • Print is possible, but with "ART & CHANSONS" printed in a grey frame.
  • Can be read in all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux), with Acrobat Reader 7 min

As previously, the DVD-ROM will be sold separately or will be sold together with the paper edition, at the conditions described in the Orders page.

For financial reasons, the paper edition will be printed in W&B, but the DVD-ROM will contain coloured covers...

Catégorie infoIs the 2015 edition available and at which price?

The discographies already published are revisited and actualised... and new ones are ending the verification phase...

Today, the big task is ended and you can order it in the Orders page.

According to the multiplication of information in internet, we have noticed on repeated occasions that details should be rectified, completed, etc. So, for a greater quality of the content, we have decided to review all existing discographies, whilst continuing to create new ones and adding new discs. The review of already published and new discographies was achieved at the end of December 2014, and will be followed by rewriting the introduction pages, glossary, etc.

A new book-binding, cheaper and allowing smaller print runs, allows us to keep the price of the old edition and to reduce the stocks.

Price of the 2015 edition: see on the Orders page.

Catégorie infoWhat is available today?

Detailed discographies "customized" are still available...

We still offer for sale the detailed discographies per artist and on demand. See Orders page.

Discographies 2015

THe book set of Discographies, 2015 edition is at last available, and so are the addenda for the people who have the 2006 edition 2006 yet : : see Orders page.