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On line orderings with secure payment will be possible via www.friendship-first.com.

For any other ordering, please send an e-mail regular mail to ART & CHANSONS (see Contact). Payment by cheque is accepted from France only.


Individual sales and print, per volume. Delay for printing: 2 weeks after the order.

  • Discographies 2015 (Vol.1 A-B - 400 pages - 1.00 kg) : 34 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Discographies 2015 (Vol.2 C-D - 422 pages - 1.05 kg) : 35 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Discographies 2015 (Vol.3 E-K - 440 pages - 1.10 kg) : 36 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Discographies 2015 (Vol.4 L-N - 470 pages - 1.17 kg) : 38 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Discographies 2015 (Vol.5 O-S - 468 pages - 1.16 kg) : 38 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Discographies 2015 (Vol.6 T-Z - 310 pages - 0.80 kg) : 28 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Addenda 2006-2015 (Vol.1 Addenda - 332 pages - 0.85 kg) : 29 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Addenda 2006-2015 (Vol.2 News - 358 pages - 0.90 kg) : 31 € + postage 8.80 € (FR)
  • Discographies 2015 (DVD-ROM*): 150 € (free postage)

*Double CD-ROM or files sent via www.wetransfer.com on demand (1.2 GB).

Postage for several volumes (FR), depending on the net weight : 8.50 € up to 2.5 kg - 13 € jup to 4.5 kg - 19 € up to 9.5 kg

Other countries: contact the association with specifying the speed (fast or slow, up to 1 month)

Possibility of payment via Paypal. Contact the association.

Other prices:

  • Old addenda : contact the association for reissues.
  • Customized detailed discographies for an artist, in PDF or paper version (contact the association to know the page number)
    see the prices below:
    • from 1 to 20 pages 1 € / page (minimum 5)
      example: 20 € for 20 pages
    • from page 21 to 50 20 € + 0.4 € / additional page
      example: 32 € for 50 pages
    • from page 51 to 100 32 € + 0,2 € / additional page
      example : 42 € for 100 pages
    • more than 100 pages: fixed price 42 €

To send packages abroad, the prices are higher, because slow postage have been removed. Please contact the association.

Invoice provided on demand only (non subject to VAT). Thanks to specify it with the command

Catégorie faqFrequent asked questions

What is the period covered par the discographies book set?

There is no period with clear limits. The discographies deal with artists who are covering the 78 RPM era to the present (including sometimes mp3 files to download). However, almost published artists have had careers after 1950.

Which criteria are used to choose the artists?

De to the volume to be treated, we had fist established priorities more focused on the quality than on the popularity. Today, there are no really criteria: these priorities have been simply replaced by the availability of information about discographies. So, are published only artists we have no doubt that the whole discography has been completed.

However, some genres as rap, slam or alternative rock, have been voluntarily ignored, as well as the instrumentalists, to keep only the aspect "chanson", which we promote, the lyrics and the melody are both very important for us.

Whom this book set is intended to?

This book set of discographies is intended to all people, professional or not, who like the French speaking song (chanson), who wish to know the details on the recorded work of their preferred artists, and who also want to discover other ones. Many collectors, but also professionals, frequently use it as an essential tool and very positive feedbacks encourage us in pursuing our work.

What this book set offers compared to Internet ?

A large quantity of information are freely available in Internet. But this information is not fully reliable, exhaustive or detailed. It can be dispersed and you need many time for gathering them together… For example, some very popular artists will be very well informed and some others, forgotten or in an unproductive period, will have few or none information on their discography production, and in almost cases, the rare or unavailable records will not be informed or only reissues will be present.

The major asset of this book set is that the whole information on records, available or not, is assembled to provide for maximum precision. The reliability of the information is increased by using as much as possible actual data from original disc (cover and listening if needed), or by analysing the most probable information, when it was not possible to have the hands on the disc. Many collectors and specialists have participated to provide and verify this information.