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Les AUTEURS et COMPOSITEURS de la CHANSON FRANÇAISE www.auteurscompositeurs.com

Biographies et discographies of many authors and composers of French song (Chanson). Website from Quebec.

CHEZ HERGÉ www.cyberus.ca/~rg/menu_ch.htm

Biographies and discographies of many artists from Quebec, but also French ones. Website from Quebec.

RADIOSOUVENIR.COM www.radiosouvenir.com/

Biographies and sound clips of artists. Previously: radio1900.org or chanteurs.org

DISCOGRAPHIE DU ROCK FRANÇAIS euthanasie.records.free.fr/discographie/P01index.htm

This website is specialised in independent rock, underground… hundreds of discographies with covers for artists and groups, marginal for almost of them. Stopped on 2000.

DISQU-O-QUEBEC www.disqu-o-quebec.com

Artists from Quebec, records, record companies, news, demises...

ENCYCLOPÉDISQUE www.encyclopedisque.fr

Biographies, discographies, agendas and contacts of many artistes of French songs.

DISCOGS www.discogs.com

Bank of discs with details, covers... of many artists of chanson and other styles.

EXPRESSIONS VIVANTES agenda.compositeur.net

Database of more than 28 000 covers of 45 RPM discs with details of titles, authors, references...

FABICORE users.skynet.be/fabicore

This site offers many biographies and discographies of Belgian and French artists, with covers and details. Website from Belgium.

FRIENDSHIP-FIRST www.friendship-first.com

The best of "chanson d'auteurs"... Many official websites incuding discographies, covers and offers exclusive sales for CD, books and magazines or other collectors.

LE PAROLIER (www.leparolier.org) site closed for cessation of activity.

Biographies eand discographies of many artists from Quebec and European ones. Website from Quebec.

MUSIKAFRANCE www.musikafrance.com

In addition of the official website of Richard Gilly and the production of his last album, this website contains an impressive number of artists which discographies are detailed with covers of each disc...

PRESSIBUS / CHANSON 70 www.pressibus.org

This website is devoted to comics and French songs from the '70. In the chanson area, you can find a complete website dedicated to Gérard MANSET and 45 discographies of arstists fro the '70... It includes also a remarkable portal "Discographies de la toile" to search for discographies of artists of French songs.

ZUZU'S DISCO pressibus.free.fr/zuzudisco/index.html

This website is dedicated to artists less publicized, but however talented, as Pierre VASSILIU, Hervé CRISTIANI, Jean-Pierre CASTELAIN, Pierre RAPSAT... and the musicians who will stay always behind...
After the very regrettable death of our friend Zuzu, this website has been saved and included in Pressibus website. Thanks to permit to conserve this excellent "work of art".


JE CHANTE MAGAZINE www.jechantemagazine.net

A magazine about French songs with a great quality and each new issue is highly-anticipated by connoisseurs... The chanson of authors is preferred, with large dossiers, exclusive interviews and in bonus, a selection of completed and detailed discographies. Remarkable special issues on Charles Aznavour, Henri Salvador...
Previously: www.je-chante.com

VINYL (Musique hors bizness) www.revue-vinyl.com

A magazine about music with a large place to the chanson. Its great particularity is the "hors bizness" color which is against the current of the actual fashions, of actualities et current fashions... and all this with humour and good spirits! The articles are also very well written either by the magazine's editorial or the readers, all big fans of chansons and very "professional" for the quality.

LA RÉDACTION DE CHORUS laredactiondechorus.fr

CHORUS is a former quarterly magazine about the French and francophone song. Its team is working now online in the web. The wide range of covered artists is very eclectic, but always with quality. Very substantive dossiers on artists, mixing biographies, interviews and discographies (limited to albums only).

FRANCOFANS www.francofans.fr

Monthly magazine about the actual French song. It covers as well the traditional francophone chanson as the alternative one, rock, pop, reggae, ragga, ska, humoristic songs, etc... The articles are associated to not detailed but complete discographies and with covers.

PLATINE www.platine-mag.com

Magazine devoted to French popular song. Many discographies with original covers (often limited to singles).

JUKE-BOX MAGAZINE www.jukeboxmag.com

Magazine devoted to collection vinyl before 1970. It is the creatr of the "argus" of French discs.

Catégorie liensOTHER WEBSITES :

CHANTER ! www.chanter.com

All on the French-speaking songs (Chansons).

CENTRE DE LA CHANSON www.centredelachanson.com

Independent association under the law of 1901 which offers information, documentation, services and advises, clear and realistic answers to young artists who have chosen to have a professional career in the chanson.

MUSÉE DE LA CHANSON museedelachanson.free.fr

All on the chanson (history, fashions, careers...).